The Church In Exile

I recently saw NT Wright speak at a local Bible College.  It was obviously thought provoking and filled the typical challenges you would come to expect from a theologian such as NT Wright. Oddly, the part that stuck with me wasn’t Wright but the man who introduced him to the stage.  He was a representativeContinue reading “The Church In Exile”

Mountains Fall and Valleys Rise

A friend of mine brought this thought to my attention a while back but it wasn’t until recently that God reintroduced it into my life and I began thinking, meditating, and chewing on Isaiah’s words in chapter 40, especially verses 3-5 [click here for the whole chapter]: This passage is echoed by John [the baptizer] andContinue reading “Mountains Fall and Valleys Rise”

Moses vs Pharaoh | Walter Brueggemann

Reading his book right now and I found this little gem on YouTube which I thought was an interesting and incredibly powerful teaching on the overarching ideas in Exodus of the Hebrews’ relationship to both God and Pharaoh. I’ll probably write a response post on my thoughts from Brueggemann soon.  What do you think??