In Phil Wickham’s Silence God Speaks.

  “I THINK I’M LEARNING SOMETHING ABOUT IDENTITY, WHICH WEAVES INTO CALLING WHICH THEN BECOMES OUR LEGACY.” -Phil Wickham Phil Wickham, a leading voice in the modern worship music scene, began to struggle with his vocals while on tour in New England. It eventually led to the doctor’s telling him he had to remain silentContinue reading “In Phil Wickham’s Silence God Speaks.”

Children Of Light E.P.

I have been working on a New Worship Album with the College & Career Ministry at Faith Bible Church, CITIZENS.  We wrote the songs on the Children of Light E.P. to fortify the Fall Retreat theme, IDENTITY, and recorded them as a way embed these lyrics into our minds and hearts as we went backContinue reading “Children Of Light E.P.”

The Ascension | Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham’s new album is called The Ascension [the date still has yet to be announced].  For all of you graphic designers out there, Phil is asking people to create artwork based on the theme of the new album. You can get info on the video below and here is the chord chart I’ve beenContinue reading “The Ascension | Phil Wickham”