In Phil Wickham’s Silence God Speaks.


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Phil Wickham, a leading voice in the modern worship music scene, began to struggle with his vocals while on tour in New England. It eventually led to the doctor’s telling him he had to remain silent for an undetermined amount of time.  Given the opportunity to listen more intently, Phil recieved some understanding about his IDENTITY, how his gifting wrapped into that identity, and the legacy it was leaving.

Due to the loss of his voice, Phil had to cancel a few dates including the conference Catalyst.  He decided to write a letter to share at the conference what had happened and what God was teaching him through it which he posted on his site. I resonated with Phil’s letter because identity has been a major theme in my life which has been reflected in the ministry that I lead at Faith Bible Church.  I would encourage you to read Phil’s letter here and reflect on it!

*The College ministry that I lead put together an EP based on the theme of identity.  Check it out here.

Children Of Light E.P.

I have been working on a New Worship Album with the College & Career Ministry at Faith Bible Church, CITIZENS.  We wrote the songs on the Children of Light E.P. to fortify the Fall Retreat theme, IDENTITY, and recorded them as a way embed these lyrics into our minds and hearts as we went back home.  The theme revolved around rejecting lies that Satan throws at us through past failures, media, exaggerated romance, and porn to embrace the truths that God has spoken through His word and even specifically to us as individuals.  We hope that the ebenezer we have created is honoring to our King and speaks life into those who listen.

All songs are available for free download at  Please, check it out and share with your friends!

Children of Light EP Cover

The Ascension | Phil Wickham

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 4.46.23 PMPhil Wickham’s new album is called The Ascension [the date still has yet to be announced].  For all of you graphic designers out there, Phil is asking people to create artwork based on the theme of the new album. You can get info on the video below and here is the chord chart I’ve been using for the song tentatively titled “Always Be Alive.”

O Come O Come Emanuel

Here’s a quick scratch track of my favorite Christmas song.  I created it for our team to learn the arrangement and thought I would share it. Maybe I’ll create a serious Christmas album next year!

Merry Christmas and download or share on Facebook/Twitter if you get a chance.

Singalong 2 | Phil Wickham

The first Singalong album captured powerful moments of simple worship and allowed the world to listen in to the stripped down acoustic versions of Wickhams songs.  By creating new arrangements, varying his strumming patterns for percussive effect, and adding powerful vocal leads, Phil brought the whole crowd in for a huge sounding…sing along!  Singalong 2 does the same with some of his newest releases and, if the samples on Youtube are an indication of the whole project, this one should be just as good.  The videos online highlight an interesting dotted 8th note acoustic guitar to bring Heaven Fall Down to life and Phil’s soaring vocals amidst an excited crowd ready to scream praises at the top of their lungs.  I can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks!

The Singalong 2 album is out and downloadable for free now!  Click here to get it.

[Also check out this unreleased song by Phil on Youtube.  So good]

Always Be Alive | Phil Wickham

The name may be wrong because I can’t find the actual recorded version of this song.  Phil released the set list for his upcoming Singalong 2 album [click here for that] which didn’t seem to include this song [as far as I could tell by the name].  I love the song but all I have is this Youtube video!!  It’s got a killer melody and powerful lyrics.  Check it out!!

There is hope beyond the suffering Joy beyond the tears

Peace in every tragedy a love that conquers fear

I have found redemption in the blood of Christ

My body might be tired but I’ll always be alive