The Church In Exile

I recently saw NT Wright speak at a local Bible College.  It was obviously thought provoking and filled the typical challenges you would come to expect from a theologian such as NT Wright. Oddly, the part that stuck with me wasn’t Wright but the man who introduced him to the stage.  He was a representativeContinue reading “The Church In Exile”

In Phil Wickham’s Silence God Speaks.

  “I THINK I’M LEARNING SOMETHING ABOUT IDENTITY, WHICH WEAVES INTO CALLING WHICH THEN BECOMES OUR LEGACY.” -Phil Wickham Phil Wickham, a leading voice in the modern worship music scene, began to struggle with his vocals while on tour in New England. It eventually led to the doctor’s telling him he had to remain silentContinue reading “In Phil Wickham’s Silence God Speaks.”

Oh Restless Heart | Mrs. Cowman

Oh, restless heart, that beat against your prison bars of circumstances, yearning for a wider sphere of usefulness, leave God to order all your days. Patience and trust, in the dullness of the routine of life, will be the best preparation for a courageous bearing of the tug and strain of the larger opportunity whichContinue reading “Oh Restless Heart | Mrs. Cowman”