One Voice

Download the song for free on NOISETRADE. Some time ago my friend, Josh, and I were working with Crossroads Missions in New Orleans. We started talking about song writing and he told me about a chorus he had written that he used during a chapel time with the mission groups that were coming in [whichContinue reading “One Voice”

Children Of Light E.P.

I have been working on a New Worship Album with the College & Career Ministry at Faith Bible Church, CITIZENS.  We wrote the songs on the Children of Light E.P. to fortify the Fall Retreat theme, IDENTITY, and recorded them as a way embed these lyrics into our minds and hearts as we went backContinue reading “Children Of Light E.P.”

What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?

WHAT DOES GOD’S VOICE SOUND LIKE? At our gatherings this weekend at Faith Bible Church, Dan’s message ended with an illustration from Erwin Mcmannus that I thought was especially thought provoking.  It not only speaks about simply hearing God’s voice, it calls us to consider the small steps that harden our  hearts toward shutting God’sContinue reading “What Does God’s Voice Sound Like?”