The Church In Exile

I recently saw NT Wright speak at a local Bible College.  It was obviously thought provoking and filled the typical challenges you would come to expect from a theologian such as NT Wright. Oddly, the part that stuck with me wasn’t Wright but the man who introduced him to the stage.  He was a representativeContinue reading “The Church In Exile”

Moses vs Pharaoh | Walter Brueggemann

Reading his book right now and I found this little gem on YouTube which I thought was an interesting and incredibly powerful teaching on the overarching ideas in Exodus of the Hebrews’ relationship to both God and Pharaoh. I’ll probably write a response post on my thoughts from Brueggemann soon.  What do you think??

He Is Working In Our Waiting

Over the last intensive at Grace Fellowship, one of the lessons that has been bouncing around in my head came in passing from Aaron.  He was restating something he had learned about Vintners pruning their grape vines to be thick and rooted correctly because, if they didn’t, the vines would break under the weight ofContinue reading “He Is Working In Our Waiting”