The Danger of the “Chinese Virus”

“We are United in our effort to defeat the Invisible China Virus.” -Donald Trump It should go without saying but maybe someone needs to hear it…using phrases like “China Virus” “Chinese flu” and “Kung Flu” to describe COVID are 100% racist, deplorable to God, and DANGEROUS. This is just one of the recent examples ofContinue reading “The Danger of the “Chinese Virus””

Wisdom in a World of Social Media Platforms Pt. 1

Having lived through the birth of Social Media, I remember when Facebook was only allowed for college students and when Myspace was where you discovered the best up-and-coming musicians. A whole new world was created with fresh relational opportunities – and the invention of memes! I loved that I could be reunited with old HighContinue reading “Wisdom in a World of Social Media Platforms Pt. 1”