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Leader         |         Spiritual Father         |         Prophet

I have been married to Emily 10 years and we have four sons!  As a result, our household is wild but we love it. I serves on staff as the Pastor to Adults at Faith Bible Church in Phoenix AZ.

We live in a one of the most tumultuous moments in history and there is great opportunity to see the Gospel shine it.  The typical, attractional models of church are no longer working in the Western context and it’s time to pioneer a shift in thinking about the way we view church.  I believe our next step of ecclesiological innovation is found in it the roots of the first century church heritage. In order to re-embrace our identity as the Church (instead of church being services or buildings), we must become Christ-centered, missionally focused, and discipleship minded.  It’s in this environment that the Holy Spirit births movements and the spark of revival fans into flame.

I am finishing up my Mdiv at Fuller Seminary. I graduated from Southwestern College [now Arizona Christian University] in 2004 with a Bachelors in Christian Ministry [emphasis on Counseling]. I also graduated from the 10,000 Fathers Worship School led by Aaron Keyes which has a heavy emphasis on cultivating self awareness in ministry and developing discipleship movements using 3DM principles.