Wisdom in the Wilderness

IMG_5239L.B.E. Cowman has been a friend of mine for about 7 years. Though I have never met her in person, the devotional she published in 1950, called Streams in the Desert, was delivered to me in a dusty box full of books. I don’t know who donated the box to our church but I am thankful for the Lords provision through it.

Cowman (who published the book as “Mrs Charles E Cowman” – her husbands name) served God overseas and served God as she cared for her ill husband. The difficulty of this wilderness moment – and the pain she felt – turned into a wealth of wisdom which she recorded and shared through these writings.

She is caring at times and curt at others…like a grandmother who has seen more years, seasons, and trials than you and simultaneously knows how to love you and challenge you push harder when you didn’t think you would have it in you!IMG_5240

Some of the illustrations are outdated and modern sensitivities uncultivated the substance of her content translates across anyone who has walked through the wilderness of despair, loss, disorientation, and long-suffering. It has been relevant to me in the last few years and continues to be relevant through this pandemic today. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tasted from the streams she has provided and was refreshed or re-energized to keep moving.

On numerous occasions Cowman indicated that she did not write the book stating “God gave it to me” and I believe her. If you are looking for a companion of wisdom who will point you toward the scriptures and God in a loving and firm way during the Covid-19 Pandemic, check it out…and may the streams refresh you as well!

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