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This mini-documentary sets an important tone for those of you who think strategically about the future of the church.  There have always been revivals, reforms, and course-corrections in the Churches history as God advances the Kingdom by reimagining the expression it takes.

I still remember an image that pastor Gabe Lyons mentioned on stage at a Catalyst Conference years ago. He compared the gospel to water and he poured it into different containers. The shape of the water changes (into a bottle, a bowl, a vase, etc) but it never changes the fact that it’s H2O. His point struck me: the gospel of Christ is fluid.  It’s uniquely able to saturate any cultural context it encounters – throughout history and across the globe – while still maintaing the fundumental integrity of the gospel.

God often begins the shift by sowing a vision of the future in His people before it occurs.  He places a holy discontent with the status quo or He puts an idealistic picture of a Kingdom expression in the hearts of His people that they can’t seem to shake. The community at Tampa Underground had both. Maybe they are the first fruits of a new ecclesiological structure.  Is it possible we are on the precipice of another reshaping? Are we already in a phase of reformation now?

Watch the documentary and see a bit of the Tampa Underground story…

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