Happy Reformation Day


It is the last few moments of the anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. I am considering the lasting impression of the Great Reformation and the 95 Theses presented by Martin Luther 500 years ago, it makes me wonder what kinds of reform might be necessary today. All good things need course correction from time to time and we shouldn’t act as if we are the exception to the principle.

Luther wrote, “I am more afraid of my own heart than of the pope and all his cardinals. I have within me the great pope, Self.” He was well aware of his own capacity to sin and feared the outcome of indulging his sins. May we be aware of our own capacity and never afraid to pray the prayer of David in Psalm 139…

“Search me, O God, and know my heart!
    Try me and know my thoughts!
And see if there be any grievous way in me,
    and lead me in the way everlasting!

Lord, where have we gone astray? Where are we blind? What corrections do we need to make? Search us, try us, expose us and lead us in the way everlasting.

Published by ERIKTHIEN

I follow Jesus and carry the Gospel. I am doing my best to hear Jesus and do what He says. It is my hope to be a great husband, father, leader, and prophetic voice.

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