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Born out of their small group house churches, Grace Midtown has recorded a collection of songs I have had on repeat on my iPod for the past few months.   While the live moment, with all of it’s repetitions and raw spontaneity, can lose you at a casual listen, this album has the ability to sweep you into their living room.  The  entire record is acoustic driven with percussion, piano, and light violin/cello decorations. It really puts in you in the living room along with their leaders as they bring you through their churches journey one song at a time.  The organic feel is reminiscent of the Ben Paisley works with 100 Portraits and Waterdeep on the Enter the Worship Circle albums which lends itself to a strong sense of authenticity.

All in all HOUSEFIRES is a great album and, according to their twitter feed, they have begun recording a follow up that I am looking forward to hearing.  Get the album free on NoiseTrade here.

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