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“The apostles left the Sanhedrin,

rejoicing because they had been counted

worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name.”

-Acts 5:41


Rejoicing is possibly the most powerful word in this verse.  It’s definitely not the word I would have chosen. If persecution…or should I say WHEN persecution comes upon us [John 15], the example we are given is to rejoice!


We are not willing to suffer inconveniences for much so my guess is that we are not willing to suffer ridicule or physical harm for hardly anything.  In this context, it is simply out of gratitude for being counted worthy of suffering for the Name.  How incredible!  A name so famous, powerful and renown that it deserves the definite article “THE” and we know of whom it speaks.


We will find courage not only to endure but to embrace and rejoice under intense persecution, and even death, if the one we suffer for is worthy; if the cause we suffer for is worth it.

God, make us bold as lions to serve, endure, embrace and walk into whatever the future holds for your people and for Your Kingdom.  For the King of kings and the Name above all names: Jesus who is the messiah.

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