Holy Expectation

A few weeks ago I went to Winter Camp with the student ministry of FBC.  We had a lot of fun and God moved many of the students to respond through confession and with new commitments to God.  During the campfire discussion with the college ministry a theme began to emerge. It seemed to me that God was challenging us to have an expectation that God will show up in powerful ways.

It is strongly urged in the scriptures that we should not need a sign: “He answered, ‘A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign!'” However, God tells us that He can do far more abundantly than anything we ask or imagine.  When I suggest that we need to expect God to show up in powerful ways, I am not saying that I want Him to do it to prove Himself or His existence but it seems as if God has obliged our lack of expectation.  There is a sense in which we have embedded the philosophy of Scientific Naturalism into our worldview to the extent that we don’t even consider God may still want to break in to our world and do something outside of the laws of physics or to heal somebody without the use of traditional medicine.  This “numbing” causes us to walk about our day without any kind of expectation that God will show up at all. We read in 2 Timothy that we are to stay away from people “having a form of godliness but denying its power…”  I wonder if we are, by our lack of expectation, denying God’s power.

As I have been challenging myself to be more expectant of God’s presence and power I believe I have seen Him show up more. It’s possible that I am noticing Him more and He’s always been around me.  Perhaps I am reading into a situation more than I should and finding God in places He is not [as a naturalist would suggest].

Or just maybe…the Father is excited His child finally decided to engage Him in life and the inheritance of power that was always available.  The child just needed to ask…and expect a response.

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