The Nations Around You

Written by Adam Suter [From EveryStreet Network here]

Not long ago, I read an article about the Arab Spring. The focus was on a young leader in the movement and how he was using social media to bring about change in his country. He was using Facebook and Twitter to empower others to take a stand. I then noticed that this man had recently graduated from Stanford University.  Later I read another article about a man who is potentially the future head of China. This man had also studied in the U.S.

It is amazing to think about the potential for impacting the world that we have without needing to get on an airplane. The future leaders of the world are in our own backyard. We have the opportunity to take the Gospel to the world through international student ministry.

Pray about getting involved with students through your local church, campus ministry, or international student organization.  Most students studying here long to do one thing, make an American friend. For most that is not a reality.  They do not even get the chance to eat in an American home. You could change that.

I have heard that there once was an international student at Harvard that faced discrimination and mistreatment. This young man went home to Japan very frustrated with America and Americans. His name was Isoruku Yamamoto and he became the Japanese commander that conceived the attack on Pearl Harbor. What if a Christian family had shared their home with this young man? Would history have been changed?

Are you involved with international students? How did you get started?

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