The Likeness EP | Tongue and Pen

I recently listened to The Likeness EP by Tongue and Pen from Come & Live [download it here].   I love the instrumental arrangements and the production has a grainy polish that reveals their passion but keeps the song together.  It’s exciting to hear their story and see God moving in these guys as they raised money to purchase a van and trailer for touring on Kickstarter.  The song Sons and Daughters is the standout for me off of the 3 song EP!  It’s a driving, anthemic song but it manages to capture an intimate moment with the chorus resounding one last time at the end with just the voices and an acoustic.  It feels like the final pub cheer of the night resting in God as the Father by proclaiming:  “We are Sons and Daughters. Sing Your praises…Glory to You!”

Here is an update from the band:

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  1. They went ACU. I am pretty good friends with all of them, I actually was almost the bass player.

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