Moravian Devotional

For a few months, I have been following the Moravian Devotional along with over 1.5 Million people in the world.  It is a longstanding act of the Moravian Church since 1731 and has served as a unifying rhythm of reading the scriptures among those who have followed it.  It hasn’t happened yet but I would love to come across someone who is walking through it and have a conversation about what God is speaking to them as they’ve read the same verses that I have have been reading and thinking about.

I suppose it’s no different than any other devotional/reading schedule but it has helped me to read outside of what I would typically read on my own.  I personally love it when I find connections in the biblical texts and this devotion [while it doesn’t assume the connection for you] seems to take a segment from the New Testament, Psalms, and Old Testament that have an overarching theme and ends with simple prayer asking God to help us walk in that theme.

I have benefitted from the Moravian devotion and I wanted to share it with others so, if you are interested in learning more or receiving the daily readings via email, click away and begin the walk.

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