“At It’s Core…”

A friend recently sent me this quote:
“At its core, sin is moral theivery. It steals the worship that rightly belongs to God and gives it to someone or something else. It robs the Trinity to purchase the creation. Every sinner is in some way a worship thief.
At its center, sin is also spiritual adultery. It takes the love that belongs to God alone and gives it to someone or something else. It is a life shaped by satisfaction of cravings, rather than heartfelt commitment and faithfulness. Every sinner is in some way aspiritual adulterer.

The deepest issues of life are issues of worship. Worship is more fundamental to our essential nature than the pain, pressures, or pleasures of our experiences. What we worship determines our responses to all our experiences. Sin is much more than doing the wrong thing. It begins with loving, worshipping, and serving the wrong thing. Sin in some way always involves the great exchange.”

Excerpt from Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands
By Paul David Tripp