Singalong 2 | Phil Wickham

The first Singalong album captured powerful moments of simple worship and allowed the world to listen in to the stripped down acoustic versions of Wickhams songs.  By creating new arrangements, varying his strumming patterns for percussive effect, and adding powerful vocal leads, Phil brought the whole crowd in for a huge sounding…sing along!  Singalong 2 does the same with some of his newest releases and, if the samples on Youtube are an indication of the whole project, this one should be just as good.  The videos online highlight an interesting dotted 8th note acoustic guitar to bring Heaven Fall Down to life and Phil’s soaring vocals amidst an excited crowd ready to scream praises at the top of their lungs.  I can’t wait to hear the rest of the tracks!

The Singalong 2 album is out and downloadable for free now!  Click here to get it.

[Also check out this unreleased song by Phil on Youtube.  So good]

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