Where Is The Music Industry Heading?

Here’s a nod at UK based worship leader, Vicky Beeching.  She recently posted a blog called :

What is the future of the music industry?

It includes an interview featuring Billy Corgan [of the Smashing Pumpkins] about the art of music, internet downloading, and his prediction on where the music industry is heading.

It’s very interesting from an artist perspective.  I also wonder what the future hold for the artist in church who is using his talents to lead others in worship.  Some church-goers would say that business and worship do not mix.  However, that person probably listens to a few worship CD’s or Christian radio.  Some artists have been chewed up and spit out by the “worship music industry” and shelved their talents out of frustration.  While some artists have found success in the music industry and lost their sense of following God in the midst of it.

Whether or not they find “success” in the industry, I do think God has called us to be servants while using our talents and stewards of the gift given to us for the benefit of the Church.

It’s worth checking out Vicky’s blog and the video!!

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