March 27th | Official Digital Release!!

Since I am in the habit of doing quick write-ups about new worship CD’s, I thought I would put out a quick one on the vision and concept of Fiat Lux before the digital [Mp3] release in a few weeks [physical copies will come shortly after]!  Help us to spread the word with a Facebook mention or a tweet!!

Around the same time that I moved to New Orleans, I felt God asking me to write songs, and put together an album, with a specific theme and purpose: Spiritual Warfare.  I wanted it to be written from an OFFENSIVE angle since most Christian prayers dealing with spiritual warfare tend to be oriented around protection [there is one song on the album that is written from a defensive posture].  In my opinion, the most spiritually violent words in the bible are found in Genesis 1 – “Let There Be Light!”   When I considered John’s echoing of Genesis in the first chapter of his Gospel […the darkness would not overcome it], the whole concept seemed to fall into place.  “Fiat Lux” seemed to be a fitting title since it’s the latin term for the phrase!

Through observing, experiencing, and studying spiritual warfare, I began forming responses in songwriting that would benefit those who were at various levels and categories of covert and overt warfare. Without giving away too much, I want to put a quick description of each angle the songs took:

  • In This Light – Satan is an identity thief.  This is written as a process of finding freedom in your identity through Christ’s sacrifice and feeling compelled to take that to others.
  • Always Strong – A defensive prayer about placing our trust in God who is a refuge and always strong.
  • You Stand With Us – Preparing yourself as you walk into battle by dwelling on the faithfulness of God.
  • One Voice – Unity as the body of Christ in a time when the enemy tries to divide us.
  • Unseen [Listen/download] – This is a proclamation that the things of God are more powerful than our present struggles and the treasures that it offers.
  • Turn Your Eyes [Listen/download] – A song that refocuses us and our attention/affections back to Christ.
  • Nothing but the Blood [Overcome] – A confession that our power to overcome anything derives from Jesus and his sacrifice for us – never by our own strength.
  • Selah [Psalm 46] –  Sometimes, we need to stop and actively listen to the voice of God and simply abide in Him.
  • Save Me Now – This is a prayer asking God to not only save us from going to hell but to save us from our sinful behaviors by sanctifying us and bringing us closer to Him.
  • Breaking – This song illustrates the tension between our flesh and spirit when we are sinning and God is in the process of breaking us.  It takes courage to bring our darkness into light.
  • Heart Cry – A final statement of our longing to be WITH God.

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