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I finally got my hands on the album and had a chance to give it a good listen.  If you have followed Crowder’s music, experimentations, books, awkward interviews, side projects, 3+4=7’s, simple praise songs, crafty grassroots to synths style changes, 20 sec songs, musical interludes, elaborately crafted satyrical blog entries, long song names, comical stories, and REASON beats…you should love his final masterpiece: Give Us Rest (A Requiem Mass In C [the Happiest of All Keys]) is truly a masterpiece.

Crowder has always had a powerful way of arranging his songs, stylistic changes, and genre crossing into a cohesive theme that tells a story. This is not limited to just the individual albums either.  Whether it was intentional from the beginning or not, Crowder has successfully orchestrated a concept spanning every album over his entire career that ends in this grand finale.  And, although he is typically credited for many of the fun, catchy, pop-worship songs being sung in churches today, there has always been a haunting depth that reminded listeners that there was an unsettling aspect to the God these songs were written for.  I think Crowder would be pleased to know that we had fun but we felt the tension along the way too.

As the final album moves forward you can’t help but catch a sense of weariness from the songs.  Not that the songs are tired in any way but that the writer and band are ready to lay the burden of these songs down after carrying them on a very long journey.  It’s been a great ride Crowder Band…it is finished.

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3 thoughts on “Give Us Rest | David Crowder* Band

  1. I really enjoy it. My question is… name a song on this cd that you could reproduce well in a church setting, and that people will sing and worship with.

    1. You are right! The same thing with the last Unite album. I actually gave up on that a long time ago with Crowder. I don’t even attempt to use their songs in a worship scenario. Worship Together addressed that a little bit on the acoustic version of the song Holy in their New Song Cafe. Remedy, in my opinion, was the weakest in terms of creativity but it had some really “congregational” songs! Since there are enough other sources for worship out there [maybe too many], I would rather get the eccentric creativity with crowder, and United for that matter, and go to others for singable songs.

      Although you have to admit there are more and more church musicians that have pressed the boundaries on technology in their gatherings. Everyone thought the songs Crowder produced on Illuminate were impossible to use in church because of the programming. Not so anymore! Songs utilizing that technology are now pretty accessible…if you have the money [or someone with good technological bootlegging abilities]. PEACE HOMIE!

      1. Yeah, although I’ve been listening alot to Aaron Ivey, Audrey Assad, Phil Wickham, and others like that who are putting out really good worship music, but don’t give up on some the technical guitars and electronic stuff.

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