Wrath | Preson Phillips

I am just as excited as every other “progressive” worship leader to listen to the new John Mark McMillan album but there’s an artist that I want to highlight in the worship world, who also released an album this week, that I believe deserves just as much recognition.

Preson Phillips is the pastor of Watermark Church and an artist that I met while sitting in audience of a conference in Orlando.  I found his music online and have quietly admired the lyrical content dressed in haunting folk-rock and Presons passionate vocals.

The song Deuteronomy 6 [off  his last release, Weep…He Loves the Mourners Tears] hit me around the time we had our son. After two miscarriages and numerous failed attempts to have children, this song became an ebenezer to me.  I couldn’t stop singing the chorus: We will hold with our hands, we will tie to our heads//We sing to our children the things we have read// We will hail when we lie down and rise from our beds//For as long as skies remain Our King will reign.  One day I will tell my son the story of God’s sustaining faithfulness to us through this time and His amazing grace as He gave us the gift of a son.

The new CD is lyrically prophetic with enough folk stomp-and-clap momentum to have you singing along at the top of your lungs! You would do well to catch his newest record Wrath [and his other two CD’s for FREE here].

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