God’s Voice and the Creative Process

I love the idea of using our gifts and talents to “create like our Creator.”  Creation is powerful and reflective of God Himself so there is a strong connection that comes from this form of worship.  It is good but, as with all good things, it can become an idol that consumes time, energy, and resources.

During this project, I have had to take breaks due to having a new baby boy, working at a middle school, helping to start a new church, and just the general busy-ness of life!  Through all of this, I believe that God has continually called me back to the creative process of this album and the dangerous nature of it’s subject matter: spiritual warfare.  It has been a burden to me at times but I felt [and still feel] God has called me to do it.  At the risk of sounding like a cliche brooding musician, I admit that I can become so introverted and focused on the project at hand that it becomes an obsession. I begin to neglect others around me as well as God by directing my thoughts and concentration on lyrics, notes, chord progressions, and musical creativity/excellence.  I am sure the enemy delights in the irony that, while working towards my calling of  making a “spiritual warfare” album, he can see I have lost focus of God, family, and community.  The enemy wins if it ends like this but God has proven Himself stronger!

God’s voice has been steady and constant in drawing me to Him in my creative wanderings.  He has frustrated me in the creative process and reminded me that music will never fulfill me.  He has reminded me that He will determine the amount of success and fruit that these songs will have – NOT my effort, striving, or hard work.

I believe that God has plans for this project to lead people to Him, inspire courage in the hearts of His people, and push back the darkness!  I ask for your prayers as I keep priorities straight and labor over some of the final lyrics/music.   Pray for God’s Spirit to breathe life into it as Fiat Lux comes to it’s completion!

*I updated a few new chord sheets!  Unseen and Light So Shine [with the final lyrics] are now available here.

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2 thoughts on “God’s Voice and the Creative Process

  1. So how do you find that balance? When have you crossed that line from putting the time required into the creative process and losing focus on God and family?
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts- it comes at a perfect time for me- gave me lots to think and pray about.
    PS- This is Robin Fuehrer- I’m just babystepping my way into the world of blogging and I see that this comment is being posted through my photography blog… not quite sure how all of this works but I wanted you to know who it was that’s commenting. 🙂

    1. Hey Robin! The whole blog world is very interconnected – it’s kind of scary. A lot of the time it’s more tension than balance but these are the different filters that come to mind:

      -With family, I am careful to listen to my wife [especially in-between-the-lines stuff].
      -I recognize my tendency toward introversion and I intentionally ask God to reveal to me anything that I am doing that is not of Him. I am also constantly trying to discern where I’m at by asking myself if I have neglected anyone or anything that is scripturally prioritized like my family, other work, and God.
      -I listen to the Holy Spirit. Many times, if I were really honest with myself, I know when I am choosing to be neglectful [that hurts to put into writing]. His conviction sets in and I know when my motivation is self-centered rather than Kingdom minded. When the art that I love to make starts to FEEL like striving, I stop and pray for God to tell me if I am doing it on my own. I do think you have to wrestle with art to do it well. It’s not always going to flow easily but there’s a certain feeling of disharmony that goes with striving.

      Great question Robin! I am interested to know how you balance these things.

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