Response | Phil Wickham

Phil’s newest CD is now available for digital download when you pre-order the CD.  I haven’t gotten to listen to it but I am looking forward to this album because his last album was the first to breakthrough the “do I go full synth or not” barrier in the worship world*.  Sure, the popularity of synths will be a flash-in-the-pan trend but he hit it as just the right moment.  So, since he has been able to stay on track with the culture in terms of music [instead of waiting a few years for it to trickle into the mainstream christian music scene], I am really excited to see where he goes next musically.  Lyrically, he is always on par and it should give musicicans, worshippers, and worship leaders alike a standout album to enjoy for a while. Purchase the album here.

*Update – Crowder has been testing these for a while.  I’ll give him credit too.

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