Crossroads Missions New Orleans

Over the last couple of years I have had the privilege to lead worship for Connect Missions in New Orleans.  God has blessed us with amazing new friends, changed hearts, and moments that were powerfully ordained by God. This summer, a young man named Cameron showed up to serve alongside  his group.  He is outgoing, fearless, and loves to get to know people and share about what God is doing in his life

One night, he showed me a new song he had been writing so I put some chords to it and we sang it on the last night of the mission camp.  It was a standout moment for me as we saw his love for Jesus and interest for music lead him to respond in worship through the creation of a new song that we shared with the group as we sang along together.

Like I said, God has blessed us with many powerful moments and meeting awesome new friends and I pray that God continues to use Cameron’s contagious personality and interest in music to bless the heart of God and the others around him!

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