Aaron Keyes: Dwell

Aaron Keyes new album Dwell is set to release on June 21st.  I have been looking forward to this release for a while and it looks like the info is official [via EMI] :

Aaron Keyes returns with Dwell, his follow up to the 2010 album Not Guilty Anymore. As ever, Aaron’s gifts are brought to the surface: his unique ability to weave Biblical truth with heart-felt worship, to create melodies that hang around for days and lyrics that resonate across the generations.

Dwell’s thirteen tracks are – like Aaron himself – rooted in the local church. Dealing with everything from transformation and forgiveness to the nature of God and the mandate of the local church to build the kingdom. Produced by Stu G (of Delirious?), Dwell is Aaron’s strongest album yet.

Aaron’s a great leader, mentor to worship leaders, and songwriter!  His music has already been highlighted at Catalyst and, of course, Grace Fellowship where he leads.  His leadership stands out with purpose and power in front of thousands or just a handful and I can’t wait to see where God takes His ministry! Song of Moses, Sovereign Over Us, and Dwell are all powerful songs that are sure to gain some momentum. You will definitely want to check out this album. More here.

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