Recording Update

I figured it would be a good idea to put an update about my recording. The following is a play by play:

  • Michael Barr and I talked about the vision/dream of this project
  • We recorded the scratch tracks
  • We imported some Reason tracks
  • We recorded Bass with a buddy of ours Alec Lefarge
  • Erik goes to a “worship intensive” and gets challenged to push the edge on lyrics and music.
  • Christmas/New Year break [erik works feverishly on guitar, keys, & lyrics]
  • Michael and Jenny have their first baby!!
  • Erik decides God is telling him to plant a church
  • Schedules have been difficult to match up
  • Still working feverishly on Guitars, keys, & lyrics.
  • This project should be done by fall [summer would be an act of God]

Pray for us.  God has given us songs with melodies and lyrics [but you can find those anywhere].  I believe that only God can breath life into these songs.  I want that.

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