Worship School Day 1

I have been in the ATL since Tuesday afternoon hanging out with Aaron Keyes (and friends).  There are 7 guys here 5 of which are living in an apartment in Aaron’s basement with the others at Buddy’s.  So far, the days have been filled with great meetings, great people, and lots of wisdom!

Prelude – Tuesday night was a great intro around the dinner table with Aaron and the rest of the guys here for the school.  The Keyes family is great. Lot’s of southern hospitality. The number one thing the band hears on the road is how amazing it is to hear the scripture mixed into the worship.  Aaron commented how sad it is that it’s viewed as exceptional instead of the standard for a “worship leader” to use scripture.  He began to find people who were hungry for more but without someone to disciple them. “If the (lamp unto our feet) is not being used then we are leading people into darkness.”

Day 1  – Wednesday

  • Wake up for some early worship and time of prayer, speaking out the word, listening to God.
  • Aaron – If you rightly divide the scriptures they come alive, and when they come alive you delight in them and hunger for more.  Although it’s better than nothing, if you set out to simply memorize the scripture you will probably forget them later but, if you ingest them, you will be changed.  You won’t forget the scripture that changed you because you spent time to meditate on it.  THEN you can recall them for teaching.
  • Matt Reynolds – Solitude is powerful and should be practiced rhythmically. It is common in the bible and routine for Jesus.  When you do this, you hear His voice and God’s power is present in you. We are to be groping monks.
  • Nick Herbert (Skype from London) – Practical wisdom for song writing and co-writing.  Leading with a Spirit-lead mentality and allowing the Spirit to guide you through times of silence and possibly to allow the congregation to sing a song.  This can be dangerous but you don’t make progress without risk.
  • Buddy – “All churches/music are contemporary” in the time they were introduced.  We need to be constantly modifying ourselves for the next generation. Discipleship is the most important thing we can do and we need to be keenly aware of the next generation. “If (he) doesn’t want to lead the Jr. High students, there is a DISCIPLESHIP problem.” There are not enough songs involving narratives and exile. We are in a time of “exile” and no one is writing songs about it.  Aaron’s worship relieves Buddy from the pressure of having to hit a “home run” every time. David handed the army over to someone but personally headed up the worship. 10,000 people in David’s team.  Missions to the Muslim world.
  • More time with Buddy – hanging out and talking about church in general. “When I was young I hired old people and when I got old I hired kids.”  You have to do this to keep yourself counter balanced.

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