Worship Central has been asking various worship leaders 10 questions and posting them on their site.  The questions range from silly to serious and this weeks spotlight was on Phil Wickham.  His answers struck me in a different way than the previous guests so I thought I would post them.  I really liked his answers to questions 6 and 7:

1) Where are you right now? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Backstage at Word & Worship Church.

2) What’s in your pocket? iPhone, guitar pick.

3) Latest set list? Desire, Eden, Cannons, Hosanna, Beautiful, It Is Well, Divine Romance, Cielo, True Love, How Great Thou Art.

4) Last album you purchased? Arcade Fire, The Suburbs.

5) Best piece of advice you ever received? Read the Bible and K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid) kind of harsh, but wise none the less.

6) How do you stay sharp? Good rest, lots of veggies, try to pave the road instead of just following the pavement.

7) What do you do 5 minutes before you lead worship? Hydrate, have butterflies, ask for forgiveness, thank God for his grace, plead with Him that we all might receive a fresh and holyrevelation of His Love, worship Him for the work that He will be faithful to do, stop having butterflies.

8) Biggest worship horror moment? My guitar was so out of tune that I was singing in a whole key lower than it was supposed to be. It was pretty gross when the band came in. Had to stop and start it over again without my guitar.

9) How would you define worship? Worship – to ascribe worth. It’s always happening in our lives one way or another. I feel that Romans 12 is a good definition of how it happens in the Christians response to God, “present yourselves as a LIVING SACRIFICE to God”. Simply means living a life for Him and not yourself.

10) One encouragement to worship leaders? Don’t grow weary in well doing my friends. Let God’s word dwell inyou richly and it will pour out of you in forms of songs, edification and real conviction for your congregations! Also, if you know what God says to His people in His Word. Then you don’t have to worry about muddling things up with your own words! Pretty sweet deal!

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