Acts of the…??

Two thoughts from my Acts class last night:

  1. Heath made a cleverly artistic speculation that Acts plays out like an Ensemble Film.  Great comparison!  I have been thinking about this ever since he said it.  Who is the main character of Acts? What was the main point that the writer was trying to get across?  Who was the main audience the writer was trying to reach? Apostles? Paul? Luke? Holy Spirit?   The Kingdom of heaven.
  2. Among many good insights, Stan talked about the unseen in a fairly interesting way.  I can’t remember the exact quote but the idea was this: If you were to compare the temporary things of this physical world to the ETERNAL unseen things you, like Paul, would see that the short moment of time spent on Earth could hardly be called the “reality” of the two.  In short, the unseen is MORE real than our reality due to the amount of time allotted to it.  How crazy would you sound to our culture if you began speaking out of a mindset that the unseen was more real than the tangible things of temporary world? More…

Good stuff.

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