Psalm Summaries [11-20]

Psalm 11

Evil people will attack the upright. But He is their foundation. He cannot be over powered and will enact justice.

Psalm 12

Though we are surrounded by evil and lies, Gods word is perfect and pure.  God will guard from evil children of men

Psalm 13

How long will God not bring about justice?  I Pray for the answer before I die.  I will trust in the Lord.

Psalm 14

David confesses that there are none in his generation that seek after God and prays for God to redeem Israel. Reminiscent of Lot pleading for the city. Probably prophetic for future generations.

Psalm 15

David asks the question of who is qualified to dwell with God and gives some morally reasonable answers.


God is the perfect refuge and nothing can compare to Him.   We can trust in Him and rejoice in Him.


David asks God to listen to Him (again) and states that he has a clear heart.  God is a refuge and protector of the weak. David prays that God would confront the evil men who want to do Him harm.  The wicked men satisfy themselves on the things of this world.

Psalm 18 (written after David was rescued from his enemies  Jonah quotes part of this in the fish!)

The Lord is a fortress and strong.  He is worthy to be praised.  David describes God’s power over and usage of nature in battle. David believes that God is rewarding him for his uprightness and purity. God protected and fought on behalf of His anointed – David.

Psalm 19

God’s creative voice speaks to His strength and power.  David loves the law and talks of the reward for keeping it.  The words of His law reveal our evil and sets the standard for right and wrong.

Psalm 20

The beginning sounds like a blessing from God at first and then goes on to explain that God is in control and He is trustworthy.  God is ultimately powerful.

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