Psalm Summaries [1-10]

Psalm 1
Don’t take the counsel of ungodly people.  Question: How do we
delight in the law of the Lord now?

Psalm 2
It’s classically a prophecy about Christ.  Why do people attempt to go
against God.  God will laugh at their feeble attempts and destroy them
so people shouldn’t try.

Psalm 3
Sleep well because even though people try to kill you and say God
won’t help, He can “bust ’em in da mouf.” (spelled correctly)

Psalm 4
How long will the people turn from God?  He has chosen those who will
live for Him and listen to them. Let us trust and live for God.
Question: how do we “be angry and do not sin?”

Psalm 5
Hear me God as I speak to you. You hate sin. Judge the sinful and let
those who love you celebrate you.

Psalm 6
Most people think David wrote this while deathly ill.  Heal me! Save
me! I can’t praise you in death, God. God will save me and my enemies
will be ashamed.

Psalm 7
Save me, God! If I am evil – give me what I deserve. God judge those
who are evil and establish those who are just.

Psalm 8
Your creation tells of how great you are.  Why would someone so huge
even care about mere humans (and even give them authority)? Yahweh is

Psalm 9 (9-10 were probably originally one Psalm)
Destruction has fallen on His enemies and even their name is perished.
He will judge evil and protect the oppressed.

Psalm 10
Wicked people hide and prey on the weak and do not fear that God will
judge.  God will arise and give justice; protect the weak and destroy
the wicked until there are none left.

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