Church Music…right?

I always have this moment when I get the newest DCB album and I think to myself, “this is okay.”  Then a few months later I take a good listen and realize that God is speaking to me through it.  There is always a strange layer of brilliance in his songs for me.  Shadows has been blowing my mind lately.

I have been (re)listening to Jason Morants music.  I used to listen to it and then stopped.  Then I moved to NOLA where everyone knows him personally and I didn’t care to be a part of that.  As I have been picking it up (especially ABANDON) his arrangements are beautiful.  Lyrically, I always find myself thinking, “that’s a strange word/phrase to use in a worship album but it works really well.”

Also check out: Phoenix, Phil Wickham, Paper Route, Gungor…all great music.

DRUMMERS, I thought this was a great article. Tell me what you think.

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One thought on “Church Music…right?

  1. That’s the stuff my teacher has been teaching me since day 1 and it’s served me very well since.

    I also enjoy that while discussion on the pocket is brief it is mentioned that the pocket isn’t just playing perfectly with the click. There are often subtle nuances in the time created by how the other instruments are being played that causes a true pocket feel and most drummers I’ve met don’t get that. A lot of drummers should be reading and taking this article into account.

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