24|7 Prayer In NOLA

I have always been drawn to the words of David as he spoke of meditating and praying to God late into the night.  Over the last few years God has woken me up in the night and asked me to pray.  Sometimes I obeyed and many times, sadly, I did not.  The times I did were incredible moments with God and times when He spoke vividly to me as a father to a child.  24|7 Prayer has been on my heart for some time now and I am asking you to begin praying for a location and the support to begin this wild adventure.  The words of SWC Dean of students echoing in my head, “nothing good happens after midnight.”  Sorry Coach, this is one time you are wrong.

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I follow Jesus and carry the Gospel. I am doing my best to hear Jesus and do what He says. It is my hope to be a great husband, father, leader, and prophetic voice.

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