Passion 2010: Awakening

AWAKENING is the newest release by the Passion folks.  They are really good at capturing moments from their live sets and they introduce music (as usual) to the church music genre.  We are sure to hear these songs ringing throughout church gatherings. Tomlin brings a lot of new material to the CD while Crowder uses his platform to bring other artists’ music to the world. Noteworthy Songs:

  1. Our God – Soon to be a Tomlin classic (and probably the first radio single off the album)
  2. Like A Lion – Crowder (I can’t put my finger on it but there is something “prophetic” about this song)
  3. With Everything – United (not new but this is a moment worth hearing)
  4. King Of Heaven – Charlie Hall (The underdog of sixstepsrecords calls us to pray this fresh scripture adaptation)
  5. You Alone Can Rescue – Redman (This one is constantly stuck in head and has a great chorus)

Check out the songs and tell me what you think!!

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