The Gathering: Music Set

We had a bunch of volunteers at The Gathering this morning.  It’s good and bad.  You would think adding 45 more people to the mix would have an energized feel to the room but they were a bunch of dudes.  Looking back at me blankly.  I have a habit of closing my eyes when things don’t seem to be going well.  It’s dumb for two reasons: I shouldn’t care so much about what they think AND closing my eyes is a stupid response even if I do care.  Insecurity plagues me.

Here is the song set:

  • Salvation Is Here
  • Majesty
  • Message – Aaron Johnson
  • Prepare the Way
  • You Are My King
  • God of This City

There it is.  We talked about Johnny B (The Original Hippie) in Mark Chapter 1 and “prepare the way of the Lord” became the theme that stuck out.  We prayed for God to lead our hearts to pray for us to prepare the way in our lives, in our churches, and in St. Bernard for God to come in (which lead into God of this City).

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