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Over the past few years, God has been working really hard on me and developing my trust in Him.  After I graduated from Southwestern College in Phoenix, I started working at a small church with worship and teaching youth.  The book of John seemed like a really good place to starting teaching from since the ending itself states that the contents of the book were written that people might believe.  I came across a verse that changed my life forever.  It is the reason I am in New Orleans, it is a huge basis for how I make decisions, it gives purpose and drive to my life, and helped me rely on the (almost completely ignored) Holy Spirit.

John 3:8 (read the whole chapter if you get the chance) Says, “the wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

It’s the perfect mixture of the sovereignty and unpredictability that makes up God’s perfect timing.  The jewish people had a word for this: Kyros is the opportune moment or the perfect moment.  Understanding that God operates in this kind of time instead of our plans will set our lives on a into a wild goose chase that will be filled with excitement, risk, and fulfilment.   Our obedience to the Holy Spirit through whispers, circumstances, and that thing the world calls “coincidence,” is where the battle takes place.  Will we act when He says go or will it be too hard, too inconvenient, too dangerous, or perhaps too irresponsible for the world around us that we back out in fear of them?

My background certainly didn’t prepare me for such questions and simply doesn’t put much emphasis on the Holy Spirit for fear of being considered too “charismatic.”  This has never settled right with me especially when we read Acts and notice the power residing in those who are follower the Way and compare it to the lives and movement of Christians today.  Not that we should need it but I certainly want to see God move mountains, heal the sick and lame, and push back evil, and bring revival in our time.

It’s essential for Christians to act in obedience to the Holy Spirit for us to partake in the blessing of walking in His purposes.  I believe God will do what He wants but, as Christians, shouldn’t we desire to walk in obedience to Him?

A couple of books that address this idea are Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson and Forgotten God by Francis Chan.  I haven’t read the Batterson book but I hear great things about it. I am in the middle of Chan’s newest release but I have listened to the podcasts that lead to the writing of this book and I believe it is prophetic to the American culture.

May God bring strong conviction to His people, allow us to hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit, and give us courage to go through with whatever he asks of us.  Our lives would never the be same.

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I follow Jesus and carry the Gospel. I am doing my best to hear Jesus and do what He says. It is my hope to be a great husband, father, leader, and prophetic voice.

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  1. Again … good stuff. I think people, churches and movements die into the “predictable ordinary” because of failure to trust the One who is unpredictable and extraordinary.

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