Music Set: CRU Retreat

I love hanging out with these guys because we have gotten to know some of them over the coarse of the last couple years and God has given us some favor in their eyes.  Teaching in the context of relationship is very powerful.  We haven’t demanded any kind of authority from them but God has worked it out that the students are comfortable with us and we have great conversations throughout the weekend.  We learn from them as iron sharpens iron and it deepens our care for them.  There were overt victories and celebrations (Chelsea’s baptism, conversations on the side, etc) but I feel as though there was much more that went on behind the scenes and in the hearts of those who attended than we really understand.

There were 4 sets for the main sessions at the Campus Crusade for Christ Retreat.  I am not going to put them all up but the songs that I introduced or seemed to catch well among the students:

  • Glory to God, Forever – Steve Fee
  • One Voice – Josh Veilon, Erik Thien
  • Everlasting God – Brenton Brown
  • Canons (intro’d but didn’t really catch on) – Phil Wickham

J.B. Watkins of St. Roch in New Orleans was the main speaker and he did a great job.  The overall theme was faith and how that applies to us in various contexts: in the uncertainty of life, in community, when it’s on Sunday mornings only, in Christ.

The breakout sessions seemed to be a highlight.  Smaller context is sometimes the best place to speak directly into the lives of people.  I heard a lot of great things about the breakouts and how God moved in them.

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