The Gathering: Worship Set

Opening of a new series!!  We finally got through Leviticus.  Our new series is guided by the book Pagan Christianity – or at least it was the catalyst for our series.  Revolution: How it began.  We are just taking a look at the common practices in the christian gatherings (communion, the Sunday morning gathering, tithing, Sabbath, etc) and trying to find out where is came from, why we do it, is it effective, and how it applies missionally in our culture.

Communion was the topic of conversation this week.

Worship Set:

  • We Fall Down – Tomlin (??)
  • All We Need – Charlie Hall
  • From the Inside Out – Hillsong
  • Tasting Forgiveness – Robbie Seay


  • Center – Charlie Hall (Spon.)

I didn’t teach this week on anything in particular during the worship set.  Matt Woodward come up before the service and announced that we would start with a moment of silence as a way to focus in.  We want to challenge the idea of using the first (usually upbeat) song as an attention getter, since everyone is usually still getting coffee, ending conversation, and getting focused during that time.  The silence lasted for about 2 1/2 minutes before I got up and started in on We Fall Down.

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  1. Is it just me, or is there a certain sense of irony in beginning a new series “guided by Pagan Christianity” on National Back To Church Sunday? 🙂

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