The Gathering: Worship Set (and PRAISE)

Exploring worship has really been challenging me in the area of  praise (in a more expressive way).  Sorge would argue that if you are not expressive (singing out loud, speaking forth, dancing, etc), then you are not praising – worshipping yes, but not “praising” God.  The part that got me was that, in America, we emphasize authenticity so much (which is a good thing) that we forget to push worshippers outside of their comfort zone for fear that it might be un-genuine.  It has been popular for us to tell the congregation to “worship how they want” or “as you feel comfortable” but this is subject to how we feel or the mood we are in.  God is the same and worthy of praise at all times.  Bob Sorge suggests that by doing this we are denying the fact that God has outlined ways to praise him and they are many times shouting, singing loudly, loud instruments, dancing, etc.  Hallelujah itself is rooted in the hebrew idea of being clamorously foolish.  I haven’t seen anything that can be described as clamorously foolish at any point when I have lead worship.

All that said, I have been pushing a little bit on my congregation to be more expressive.  Last week (when we had more people than usual) I observed that we were exceptionally flat and gloomy even.  Now there are lots of factors that may have gone into that but I still prayed last week for God to break us free of inhibition and fear of others when being expressive in our worship.  I introduced the worship yesterday by trying to excited them at the realization that we are no longer in darkness and the accuser can’t hold our past against us anymore.  Then we sang Marvelous Light.

  • Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall
  • Glory to God, Forever – Steve Fee, Vicky Beeching
  • Unseen – Erik Thien
  • Hosanna – Brooke Fraser
  • Nothing but the Blood – Public Domain (unplanned)

The sermon taught on the meaning of Hosanna so it fit well in the set and Megan did a great job singing it.

Hosheanna = (Hbw) from Psalm 118 meaning “Save, I pray.”  Urgent cry for help/salvation.

Later changed to…

Hosanna = (Gk) From Matthew 21 meaning “you are the one who saves.”

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  1. I’ve been involved in clamorously foolish worship before, and it wasn’t forced. Not sure where I’m going with this except to say I miss it. Maybe it’s about our focus. Maybe we’re just too into what we’re doing and not into what God is doing. I’m not sure.

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