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For my NOLAWorship friends, I decided to summarize the things that AK did with their first worship school to help give us ideas.  I got the info from following along myself (as best I could) and getting a post-blog report from one of the students (Daniel Cowan).

  • First they were asked to help set-up and tear down for the Aaron’s band
  • They read The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennen Manning (in prep for a retreat where B.Manning spoke).
  • They lead worship at all kinds of events around ATL (Celebrate Recovery, youth groups, college, main services, retreats, FCA, etc).  Putting into practice what they were talking about.
  • First Lesson w/ Aaron was about God’s calling on their lives and living a life worthy of that calling (Eph 4:1-3).  It was important to identify what God wants you to do and to do that.
  • They went on 2 trips to Nashville and met with worship leaders, song writers, producers, etc.
  • They read through the Psalms and wrote a paragraph summery on each one.
  • They read Exploring Worship by Bob Sorge, The Life You Always Wanted by John Ortberg, and Reaching Out by Henri J.M. Nouwenand.  They wrote one page summaries for each chapter in Exploring Worship and a one page abstract for The Life You Always Wanted.  All books were discussed with each other

They focused on different aspects of leading at different points in the internship:

The first three months of the internship was mostly inward and theoretical in our focus and education. We talked about growing as a leader and a worshiper, and we talked a whole lot about growing as a man of God. This was our main stress for the first half of the term.

The second half was more focused on the hands-on part of leading worship. We spent time working on what we say during worship services, and practically getting better at playing and speaking at the same time. We worked on songwriting and building set-lists. It was in this time that we got more into leading worship together.

We can learn from their school and work together as we push to become better worship leaders, missionaries, and ministers of the word of God.  Let’s pray as God leads us toward being pastors first as we make good use of the tool of music in our hands.

Click here to see Daniel’s account on his own blog.

For practical ideas on creating worship sets and teaching see click here.

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