The Gathering [Worship Set]

August 2nd

Key Scripture: Leviticus 19

Theme: God is an everlasting God with an everlasting love and we are His children.

Music Set:

  • Glory to God F’ever (A) – Steve Fee
  • Blessing & Honor (B) – Aaron Keyes
  • Everlasting God (G) – Brenton Brown
  • We Are Yours TAG (G) – Charlie Hall

Opening up with Glory to God Forever.  I introduced Blessing & Honor last week and it went well.  My prayer is that  the names/attributes of God get stuck in their heads because of this song.  I am going to let that settle and not teach on it this week.

With Everlasting God, I am teaching something that I learned from Aaron Keyes.  The Hebrew name for God El Olam means the Everlasting God and I am tying that into Jer. 31:3 “He has loves us with an Olam ahavat (everlasting love).”  I like to add that our culture is a direct contrast to this type of love where divorce is normal, and independence is celebrated, but God displays long suffering.

We Are Yours will be a response to the everlasting idea and a proclamation in the confidence that we are His children.


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