Violent Praise: Hallelujah!

There was a time when I was on a plane from New Orleans to Phoenix and, with my iPod in hand and my noise canceling earbuds doing their best to keep the noise inside this time, my music was blaring with the music of Hillsong United.  I don’t remember which song it was but I remember the moment I wanted to dance wildly on the plane.  Unhindered, I wanted to jump up and down, spin (gil) around, and simply let go and move around like crazy.

I didn’t.

I just put my head down in my hands and sat motionless. Not one person around me could tell that the things going on in my head were better described as violent.  It was a dormant energy but the energy inside me was passionate and “burning in my bones.”  If I had been in a place more appropriate (at a church service??) and with more room, I would have unleashed my praise.

Even thought I didn’t do it, it’s one of the times in my life where I felt that I knew what King David was thinking when he danced in the linen ephod. It’s one of the few times that “Hallelujah” was more than a word for me.

Hallelujah a combined word from two words: Halal and Jah.

Jah means (the Lord).

Halal means to be clamorously foolish, it means to boast loudly, to laud, to celebrate, to shine.

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