God, You inspire worship.

I repent to You, God, that I forgot to acknowledge You in all this.  Two weeks lost because I was relying on myself and not You.

How ridicilous of me to think that I could choose songs, play well enough, sing passionately enough to inspire worship.  How dare I assume the ability to do what only You can do, God.

I am only a musician…you create worship. You, God, are the redeemer of all things and I trust that You have moved the hearts of the people in wake of my self-absorbed wickedness.

God, You create worship, Your Spirit inspires hope, love, JOY, peace, excitement, healing, and repentance.  You are the voice who calls Your own to You.

Use me God…my only hope is in You!

Published by ERIKTHIEN

I follow Jesus and carry the Gospel. I am doing my best to hear Jesus and do what He says. It is my hope to be a great husband, father, leader, and prophetic voice.

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