I am going to begin journaling my way through the Psalms.  Sometimes it will be just a paragraph and other times it will be at length.  I will add other thoughts but the constant theme will be in Psalms.  My hope is to cover the entire book…eventually.  Sometimes it will just be my own thoughts and other times I will pull from resources as I learn about each one:

  1. Nelson Study Bible notes
  2. Psalms Commentary
  3. Skip Moen for the Hebrew Perspective
  4. Etc, etc, etc…

I would encourage all worship pastors to dig into the Psalms, with both their head and their hearts, as a way to relate to God and, as a worship pastor, to guide in creating music.  Let me end on a quote from Skip Moen about David and the Psalms:

“…David is the consummate composer [of worship music].  However, David’s praise and worship songs might never make it into our Sunday services.  Why?  Because they don’t always have the upbeat, positive, repetitive outlook that we have come to expect.  David’s praise and worship songs come from a penetrating experience of life, not from idealized theological answers.”

Let’s dig deeply into God and ask him to use us, as musicians, to challenge people with the music we write.

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