New Music // Holy Warfare

I am writing new music and using it in the music worship times at our church.

A good mix of celebration, contemplation, and response to our King.  I hope to get some versions of it up on soon, even if they are just live/scratch tracks of the songs.

I have encountered a lot of spiritual warfare since I have been in NOLA and my heart behind a lot of the new stuff comes from the end of Ephesians: this battle is not against flesh and blood.

At a conference, I remember hearing Erwin McManus tell a story about his son coming home from church camp with stories about demons.

“I can tell him that ghosts aren’t real,” said McManus, “but how do I explain spiritual warfare to child?”

Erwin went on to say that, when his son asked for him to pray that God would protect him from the demons, he told his son “no.”  The small child, surprised, said, “what do you mean?”

Erwins reply shook me, “I am going to pray that God pours his light on you so that you shine so bright that the darkness would fear you!”

In our American pursuit of safety and security, why did we allow our spiritual lives to be minimized to a defense-only strategy?  We have a very present enemy who is trying to attack us but God is greater still.  The one who is in us is greater than the one in the world.  The greatest one LIVES IN US.  Isn’t it time to push back against the darkness and fight with weapons of love ?  Let our light so shine before men, in such a way, that God would be glorified.

The new songs are written to put the fight back into the hearts of the Children of Light and to wage war in an unseen realm.

Pray for me as I write and choose what words would come out of the mouths and hearts of the saints that sing them.  AMEN.

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